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Katy Robinson "On Broadway" ®

‘On Broadway’® Dance/Fitness class for women

Every Wednesday morning 10am – 11am

Culcheth Sports Club, Charnock Road

FREE taster classes available every 4 weeks

About ‘On Broadway’®

Hi my name is Katy Robinson, Director of Katy Robinson Fitness Fusion Ltd and creator of 'On Broadway'. We believe every woman deserves to feel confident, allow time for themselves and find something they love to do in order to get fit! Our team of passionate, experienced instructors use top hats, feather boas, canes and songs from all the popular Broadway shows, in local community venues that offer safe, non-judgemental classes for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and those with two left feet.

We work with women of all ages who have a passion for dance! Ideally you are mid 40’s through to any age – you are never too old to dance. You may have had previous experience of dancing – be it as a young child going to a dance class or as a teenager doing it more seriously or as an experienced dancer, or you have always wanted to learn to dance but never had the chance. Typically you struggle with finding something you really love doing to keep fit that doesn’t seem like hard work and you may dislike going to the gym and doing the typical aerobic classes. You may feel intimidated in other classes and fear that you lack co-ordination, are un-fit, what if everyone is better than you and what if everyone is younger than you. You would like to improve your confidence, stamina and co-ordination whilst getting fit and having fun and be able to escape into make believe and have a little bit of ‘me’ time each week and meet like-minded women.

What separates my ‘On Broadway’ ® dance classes from other adult dance/fitness classes is my background as a professional dancer, dance and fitness teacher and choreographer, fused with my coaches and I's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge of musical theatre, passion for dance and fitness, combined with our ability to break down the most complex of choreography. As a result ‘On Broadway’ clients receive a unique dance class that enables you to have fun whilst getting fit doing what you love doing and a chance for you to reveal their ‘inner show girl’ and learn to dance like no one is watching!

‘On Broadway’® classes also incorporate positive mind-set techniques to promote health, happiness and wellbeing. Making you feel at ease, providing you with a safe space to exercise and allowing you to relax and be yourself, having fun with like-minded women and creating a community is our number one priority. An increase in fitness, flexibility and co-ordination is a by-product and learning how to dance is a bonus.


If you would like to ‘reveal your inner show girl’ and ‘dance like no one is watching’ and give ‘On Broadway’® a go please click here for more details regarding our up and coming FREE taster classes at Culcheth Sports Club -!taster-class-sign-up-forms/c119e

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These exercise sessions are specifically designed to improve your shape in key areas. They are run year round, on Monday evenings from 6.30 to 7.15 pm by Jane Fazackerley, who is an RSA Qualified Instructor, usually in the Main Hall. Since this activity is not run by the Club it is not necessary for you to be a Member of Culcheth Sports Club to join in these sessions. If you would like to join in, all you have to do is to turn up on time at the Club wearing appropriate exercise gear including trainers. Each session is charged individually, and currently the rate is £3-50. If you would like to have any more information, or to confirm session dates and availability of "space" please contact:

Jane Fazackerley 07976-723683 (mobile)